I will be updating soon…

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I don’t know if anyone out there is reading this blog but just to let you guys know that I will be updating in the next few days.

Right now I am suffering from a bit of information overload.  There is so much stuff out there on the net to wade through.

I think what I may be doing is just posting my take on the situation and updating as things come to light.

I will say this I watched the VMA’s on Sunday and the beginning was very nice. I like what Madonna had to say. I also loved Janet’s tribute.  Though I was really hoping for more.  They showed the This Is It trailer that was interesting too. I really want to see this movie.

I was disappointed with the rest of the show because I think they did a grave injustice to MJ especially the host. He sucked big time. His disgusting and lewd jokes were just horrible. Not to mention the Kanye West incident.  Hello… what an asshole.

Here I thought the BET 2009 awards show sucked big donkey balls.

I do want to leave you with a video I posted on YouTube yay me… LOL

Interesting stuff Joe Jackson had to say don’t you think?  Makes you go hmmm…..?! WTF!!


The Funeral is Today

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So today is the funeral at 7pm. You can find the live feed here at http://edition.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=1

Now really who the hell has a funeral at 7pm at night? Not to mention the family is about an 1 hour late.

There is also a full moon tonight too.

Can anyone say Thriller? Something evil lurking in the dark?

I feel so bad for the guests because they have to sit in a cemetery at night? Creepy much?

Geez there better be something good happening here.

Also Liz Taylor made it on time and you don’t make her wait.

So will Michael be Buried on Sept 3rd?

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So my question right now is will Michael be buried on September 3rd or not? 

I am glad that they did not decide to bury him on his birthday because that would be the most tasteless thing I have ever witnessed.  To be buried on the same day you were born?  Who does that kind of shit to their own family member?  There is something so wrong with that situation there is no real words to describe it. 

Personally, I do not think he will be buried on the 3rd.  They will find some way to delay the inevitable.  Though I had just started writing this on Monday.  I was visiting one of the forums I frequent to get information from when I came across this little tidbit.  Katherine Jackson will be going to petition the court on 09/02 to see if the estate will pay for the burial.

Then there is this lovely interview by Marlon Jackson talking about the burial and what not.  I do know this is coming from one of those rags but it leaves you scratching your head.

So now  I  have a few questions as to why they need to fix his make up and hair again if he has been on ice all this time?  I mean what could he be literally doing to mess up his appearance other than spinning in his grave from all the crap that has been going on since his departure?

And get this they are having another private wake with an open casket.  For what ungodly reason could they possibly need to do that?  Why torture themselves and MJ’s kids?  Wasn’t the first viewing enough and painful?  Seriously this whole thing is ridiculous in how they are going about it.

My main problem is that why couldn’t he be buried the same day of the memorial (not saying he is dead)?  They do not need him above ground to settle his estate.  I know Jermaine wanted to bury him in Neverland but MJ doesn’t live there anymore.  Especially with what happened in 2005.  That place has held bad memories for him.

So many questions and so little answers.  I found some other interesting info too.  They plan to do a dress rehearsal for the burial?   A dress rehearsal? Now really what the fuck?  Who does a dress rehearsal for a funeral service?   Maybe if you are putting on a show or a wedding but for a burial service?  Something is not quite right with this situation either. This is according to ET.

Just came from TMZ (seems they are always first with news) and the judge approved the money for MJ’s burial. 

Well I will be watching the NEWS channels tomorrow to see what going to happen. Though I keep wondering if this is where he makes his come back?  Hmmm…. We shall see.

Happy Birthday Michael!

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I just wanted to wish you a Happy 51st birthday where ever you are in this world.  I hope you will have many more to come.

With love from a long time fan and admirer. 🙂

Do you think this is Michael?

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This video came out on 8/25/09.  Exactly 2 months to the day when Michael allegedly “died”.  Supposedly this was shot on the same day that he died.  This is the same coroners van that was shown when they transferred Michael from the helicopter.

If you listen closely you can hear him singing or something.

I am not sure what to believe.  I for one think it is real.  All other evidence points to him being alive.

It is all about the Michael.

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I hope with this site that I can come to some basic understanding of what is going on with the Michael Jackson case.

I will say this I am not the most eloquent writer and my grammar does suck so please be patient with me.  If you see something that needs correcting please let me know.

I am not sure what to believe these days. Is he alive or isn’t he? What I want to do is compile and put all the relevant facts in one place so you as the reader can determine what the truth here is really.

Let me start of by saying that I have long loved Michael since the days of Thriller.  I would say at the time I was about 10 or 11.  I was a huge fan.  I had everything from the shirts to the posters even the doll.  He was so cute that I would stare at the Thriller album cover for hours. I know how insane that sounds, but then I was a pre-teen with a crush on a huge pop star of that day (and still big today). Though not so much unlike the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cirius of today’s pop culture.  So I think people can relate somewhat.

Now as the years went by my love of MJ did not really die but was replaced by my love of Star Trek. Yes I am a Trekkie, though not so much now because they have really killed it in a sense.  I do have my favorites and what not. My favorites are TOS (The Original Series) and Voyager.

Every now and then I would keep my ears open about any news of Michael but really did not keep up with all his doings except when in 1993 the whole scandal broke and then in 2005 with that bullshit too. 

To this day I have not and will never believe Michael would molest any child. He is a kid at heart himself and time after time he has stated that he would do no harm to a child.  They are our future and they need to be protected.  Why would he scar a child for life like that?  As his own childhood has been scarred by the abuse of his father?  He still carries around that pain inside. I say again why would he do anything to hurt someone like that?

All these people wanted was one thing from Michael. How much money can I get out of him to be set for life? These are the lowest forms of human being scumbags that I have ever seen.  To use you own children to get monetary gain? How revolting!  If someone molested my child I would be going for the jugular not calmly asking for money.  I would make sure that the motherfucker was put away for a long time and then take him for all he/she is worth because if they ever get out of jail they would not have anything to come back to.

All these people saw were dollars signs. How can we profit from this situation and damn the consequences of our actions.  The only people who have been truly and deeply hurt by this crap are Michael and the kids involved with their lying thieving scum bucket parents. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to have parents like these as my own.

Some think this and the Pepsi incident has driven Michael to abuse drugs over the last several years.  I for one do not believe it, yes he did abuse in 93 and that is understandable and possibly 2005 but really?  In 2009? With his children around him who he loved more than life itself?

The media is painting Michael Jackson as a heavy drug user.  I mean seriously they need to get real.  If the amount of drugs he was taking he could not do the rehearsal and training that he was doing.  Even Lou Ferringo his trainer said he was in good health. What the hell? There are so many unanswered questions and things that do not make sense at all.

In the coming days or so I will be uploading information and adding a few pages here and there.

I just want the world to know that Michael is alive and here to stay.

For your reading pleasure I suggest to you to pick up a copy of this book Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, 1958-2009. It is very interesting and gives you a in depth look into Michael’s private life.

When I get the chance I will add a page to discuss this book and others along the way.